>>>A story of peaceful coexistence.


“We seek something invisible, beautiful and fragile. An encounter between different people, a fragment of the forgotten history of the Basque people”.”

The expedition seeks to uncover the material evidence of this past, and what it means. It strives to discover this model of coexistence. The expedition aims not to find objects, but rather what they mean: the team is searching for a model for coexistence.

The mysteries that could be hidden within the island awaken interest in our story. We know what we are searching for: an ancient yet innovative model for doing, based on a collaborative standpoint.

The story that we are telling is crucial to today’s world. It speaks of encounters, dialogue, knowledge and listening to others. It sheds light on the past and on the future.

Excavating on the island means excavating through time and through our own identity. It means travelling to the interior of our collective journey: this inside world that is shared by the best of our forgotten history and the best of the future that we are yet to build.