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>>> A hidden story for a global audience.


“This documentary film contains the most important element of a truly great story: the constant hunger to know what’s over the horizon, what’s hidden beyond the next step. And what makes the story even better is that it all actually happened.”

A group of explorers sails to a small island in a remote location. We are on the eastern seaboard of the United States. The landscape is completely wild, undisturbed and timeless. The explorers set down their materials: there are diving, excavation and photography teams. They address each other in Basque.

They are joined by North American researchers, archaeologists and divers, from the United States and Canada. The search begins. Team work creates a spirit of companionship, discovery, contact with nature and a remembrance of distant times.

In the day-to-day activities of the expedition, we come to discover a lot. Basque fishermen spent long spells in what is now known as Canada, long before the first arrival of French and English colonists. We discover that these fishermen enjoyed a collaborative and egalitarian relationship with the indigenous people: they even created a language which mixed elements of indigenous language and Basque languages. The first industrial activity in North America was born of this cooperation.

Many remnants of this past have been discovered along the coast of Canada, helped by the Canadian government’s effort to recuperate this past. In the United States, on the contrary, no investigations have been carried out. However, centuries ago there was no distinction between the US and Canada, and Agote came to suspect that this astonishing collaborative encounter, so different from that of the oppressors and the oppressed, may also have happened on what is now US soil. Nobody has searched in that area, and that is why we are here.

The expedition seeks to uncover these traces. It strives to prove that another world existed, that another world was possible. Perhaps the reconstruction of the past can inspire a brighter future. The team is searching for something intangible: what they were, what they seek to be, their very essence as a community and as a culture.

Each step of the expeditions draws us deeper into a mysterious, unpredictable yet startlingly beautiful world. As the story progresses, we come to realise that the very experience of travelling, searching and discovering is as important as the achievement of a goal. The snow seems to conceal many secrets. A group of whales comes up to breathe and then dives back into the deep, far from history and time.


Migueltxo Molina, Pablo Iraburu e Igor Otxoa

Production Director:

Itziar García Zubiri

Original idea:

Elkarrekin-together and Angel Oiarbide

Executive producers:

Angel Oiarbide, Igor Otxoa, Pablo Iraburu y Jon Artatxo

Director of Photography:

Migueltxo Molina


Migueltxo Molina, Pablo Iraburu and Igor Otxoa

Original sound track

Mikel Salas

Direct sound:

Miguel García

Production assistant:

Ohiane Iriarte


Nuria Pérez

Finance director:

Paulo Muñoa


Lander Iruin, Oninart, Kultur Atelier

Filmed in the Basque Country and the United States

Production : 2016-2017

Genre : Documentary

Filming format: 4K

Projection format: DCP 4K 1:1.85 audio Dolby Surround 5.1

Duration: 93 min

Languages: Basque, English and Castilian Spanish

Subtitle: Basque, English and Castilian Spanish

Arena Comunicación Audiovisual

Arena Comunicación is a company which produces documentary films for the cinema and television. It has specialised in documentary production for more than ten years, taking control of the entire production process from the initial idea to the finishing touches. The company’s previous documentaries “Nömadak Tx”, “Pura Vida”, “Muro/Walls” and “District Zero” have all been screened at San Sebastián Film Festival. In addition to working within this specific genre, the company specialises in creating other types of projects such as television series, corporate videos and video installations for museums.



The production company was created at the end of 2004 when the musical duo Oreka Tx emerged on the audiovisual production scene. The txalapartaris duo, made up of Igor Ochoa and Harkaitz Martínez de San Vicente, created the company, with their first milestone being the audiovisual project “Nömadak Tx”. is currently a renowned multimedia enterprise located in San Sebastián and is dedicated to representing artists, producing shows, organising events, working with the music industry and audiovisual production.

Arena Comunicación Audiovisual &


The union of our two production companies, and Arena Comunicación Audiovisual, goes above and beyond business. We are friends. We have worked together on a great deal of projects. Our first feature-length documentary, “Nömadak TX”, reinforced our belief that we shared the same passion for telling stories that mattered. With the passage of the years, this passion has continued to strengthen and grow. After producing Pura Vida and Muros/Walls as another joint project, we realised that we were working better and better together, and we both liked the idea of using a specific story to discuss bigger issues which affect all of us. Now, our aim is to continue in this same vein with Together/Elkarrekin. We sensed the critical importance of this documentary film and were determined to produce it through drawing on our shared vision.