Peaceful coexistence between Native Americans and Basque fishermen existed.
Drawing on this concept, we as creators of the Elkarrekin-Together documentary film have created a new image merging a harpoon and an arrow,
which symbolises harmony between different people.
This reminds us that Together
we are the protagonists of a beautiful tale of coexistence.

Next Screen Rooms

23th February

Barcelona, Cinemas Girona - 18:00

Areatza, Municipal room - 19:00

Plentzia, Marine Station - 19:30

24th-28th February

Barcelona, Cinemas Girona - 20:00

25th February

Markina-Xemein, Culture Centre - 19:00

1st March

Mutriku, Zabiel Culture Centre - 19:00

Barcelona, Cinemas Girona - 20:00